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Young social entrepreneurs in London turn to crowdfunding to support their projects

Young social entrepreneurs in London turn to crowdfunding to support their projects

Article · By Iranthi Gomes on April 24, 2017


6 social enterprises run by 9 of London’s youth are beginning their individual crowdfunding campaigns after 8 weeks of training delivered to them for free by Business Launchpad and Crowdfund 360.

The 8 week training program, taught through workshops, webinars and 1:1 sessions, was developed in order to allow young social entrepreneurs to expand their work and increase their social impact, by not only providing them with extra funding but also by increasing their marketing skills/efforts and confidence. The training programme breaks successful crowdfunding down into 6 manageable steps. The young social entrepreneurs were then taught about each element of crowdfunding and helped to implement the skills learnt into their own projects. The course was delivered by Crowdfund 360 and was supported by Business Launchpad, a charity in Tooting that supports entrepreneurs 16-30 throughout London to realise their entrepreneurial potential.

Crowdfunding consultant and founder of Crowdfund 360, Jes Bailey says “many young people want to start social projects but are held back because of a lack of funding, lack of confidence and/or lack of marketing skills. Crowdfunding brings all three of these together and shows the young people that actually, other people they never even knew, also believe in their projects and want to see them come to life in order to better our societies. It has been amazing to work with Business Launchpad and their clients to develop this programme as the passion, motivation and determination shown by the young social entrepreneurs is amazing”.

The 9 social entrepreneurs now have 35 days to reach their crowdfunding targets so that they can bring their projects to life. They are raising amounts varying from £1,500 up to £20,000 for a wide range of projects. Here are their projects;

Faithful Living. They help anxiety sufferers overcome their problems and develop their true potential through holistic massage and therapy. They are aiming to raise £9,000.

Good Cake Day. This delicious cake company sells cakes in London and for every cake sold, they give a % to a bakery in Nigeria to provide a birthday cake each month to Nigerian orphans. This rewards campaigns, sees you benefit from cake for each pledge towards their £2,135 goal to give 23 free birthday cakes to Nigerian orphans.

Inclusight. Do you know how hard it is for disabled people to use some websites and technology we take for granted? Juliette does because her mother is affected. She has set up this social business to work with companies to make tech more accessible to disabled people. Help her reach her £5,000 goal to work towards making all tech more accessible.

New GroundCreations. A former gang member has turned her life around and wants others to do the same. Pareece goes into schools in London and trains young people on how to be more entrepreneurial and employable. She is looking to raise £2,500 to reach more youth and increase the social impact of her work.

Papilio Arts. Did you know, although sex education is compulsory in schools, drug and alcohol education isn’t? Papilio arts are looking to raise £1,500 to go into schools in London and hold a series of workshops for young people on drug and alcohol use and abuse. Why? Because the drug addiction industry costs the government over £15.4 billion a year!

Young PeopleInsight. Don’t the youth of today need a platform to speak freely at, a place where they can learn to stretch their voices? Young People Insight provides this for youth in Croydon and they’re looking to raise £2,300 to reach more young people and spread their own voice out even further.

By clicking on the organisation you will be led to their crowdfunding campaign where you can find out more about their projects and support them either by making a pledge or sharing their project on social media. Both will help their campaigns more than you could imagine.

To find out more about how you could start your own crowdfunding campaign visit


Article by:

Iranthi Gomes
on April 24, 2017

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