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We’re going to Uprise festival!​

We’re going to Uprise festival!​

Article · By Kerry Needs on March 30, 2017


On April 20th, Inventshift will be attending UPRISE festival in Amsterdam.

It’s the 5th Uprise event, which describes itself as a ‘people first tech festival’. With over 3,000 attendees, 8 stages, 120 exhibiting companies, and 5 ‘afterparties’ , the event promises to be a heady mix of business and pleasure (we can’t wait ;))

There’s a jam packed 48 hours of event content, from a ‘Hacking Democracy’ Hackathon, to an ‘Act Like a Child’ Workshop. See the schedule here. We’re really excited to find out more about who’s pushing the boundaries of innovation and knowledge.

There are a huge amount of impressive speakers (over 140!)  taking to the stage to share their wisdom. They include Didem En Ates (Microsoft), Bart Van Wiele (Adobe) and Rick Brownlow (Geektastic).

We’re intending to network with as many social good inventors and tech startups as we can, further spreading our vision of a business model that focuses on people and profit.

If you see us, come say hi! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #uprise5.


Iranthi and Jarkko x

Article by:

Kerry Needs
on March 30, 2017

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