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Turning large enterprises into social businesses

Turning large enterprises into social businesses

Article · By Iranthi Gomes on November 24, 2016

In simple words. Governments govern the world, and businesses lobby the government. Therefore, business is incredibly powerful. Even organisations that are huge like the UN are lobbied by big business to do certain things or to look between the fingers at certain things.

If large businesses are the ones lobbying, instead of changing them, we need to provide an alternative way of making further profits, as that is what corporations care about. Their shareholders, and their shareholder’s profits.

The customer in the last 10-20 years has grown in a media blitz. We get advertisements from left, right, top and down. We are used to filtering this noise. However, still we do purchase based on price and quality. A third reason is rising. For a big segment of the people buying is also about impact. We can see this in how people prefer organic food, fair trade food or vegan food over classic, cheaper, and offer better tasting competitors.

There are enormous benefits for corporations that realise this trend. Let’s look at one of the biggest rivalries in the world. Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Both of these companies sell Coke soft drinks in bottles. They are all the same shops, and most of the restaurant. As a customer I only have a slight preference to either or. However, if either or could really prove that their product has good impact on the world, we conscious customers would definitely prefer that product.

Companies are not build bad. The issue is that maximising profits in our current world means exploiting tax systems, people and employees. In some cases, this has led to extremes.

Customers can look through the bullshit. All information is visible on the palm of our hands, and just well planned marketing campaign around ‘doing good’ will not work. There needs to be a real push for it, and it cannot be only on the surface.

Stop hiding behind curtains. CSR is a word that many of these big companies hide behind. CSR however is often used as a sheet of ‘good’ to cover all the bad. It is essentially a separate marketing department built to show that a corporation is good. Often a business states that a certain number of its budget goes to CSR, which just means that they are marketing a few good deeds done with that money.

Compare this to a model where a set amount of revenue is donated to a vetted charity partner that makes sure it

If your company is selling a product that is essentially the same as your competitors, think about the difference it could make for your marketing, your employees passion and your businesses long term brand.


Article by:

Iranthi Gomes
on November 24, 2016

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