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The social good innovators saving the world

The social good innovators saving the world

Article · By Kerry Needs on March 19, 2017


Inventions are a huge passion for us here at Inventshift, particularly those social inventions that make the world that little bit better.

We all know that our modern world has it’s fair share of great innovations; but it also has it’s fair share of problems, too. Impact Tech, a platform for social innovation,  says that in the next decade, it won’t be enough for a company to merely be profitable - customers, employees and investors will all demand that a company produce positive impact, as well.

Here’s some amazing social good inventions that are improving the world and solving modern-day challenges.

Edible drone to deliver humanitarian aid:

Yes, that’s right. A sustainable, edible drone is being developed by Paul Gifford of Windhorse Aerospace, who has previously made solar powered drones for Facebook. The wings are packed with meals, and the plywood frame can be used to kindle fires. These kind of drones can be dropped from a plane safely, and are totally biodegradable, which means they are good for the environment too.

Recycling carbon dioxide to make protein

Kiverdi recognise that as the population is increasing, the use of plant based oils such as Palm oil is too. They say ‘due to a population increase to 10 billion by 2050 and an increasing demand for protein-rich diets, it is estimated that we will need to almost double food production.’ Their innovative methods transform carbon and other gases into protein, high-value oils and bio-based products.

Here’s how they do it: 

Kiverdi: CARBON RECYCLING from Kiverdi on Vimeo.

Sustainable Investing:

Jay, Doug and Johnny decided that it wasn’t money that was a problem - it was the way we were investing it. They created Ethic, a sustainable investment venture that allows you to invest anything from $500 into sustainable companies. They say ‘Sustainable investing means supporting companies that act responsibly… We empower investors to create a portfolio they can be proud of, based on their personal values as well as their financial goals.’

Affordable off grid solar energy:

Oolu is one of the fastest growing off grid solar energy companies operating in West Africa.  They replace dim, low-quality flashlights and lamps with the best technology available. Oolu means ‘trust’ in one of the languages of Senegal, Wolof, and it is precisely trust they aim to build amongst the local residents, providing them with energy access, access to information, education, and job creation.

Using urban spaces to create aquaponic agriculture

Being sustainable is all about being innovative. Tom Webster and Kate Hofman decided to utilise urban spaces to create an aquaponic agriculture, producing salads, herbs and microgreens. Based inside an industrial warehouse in Beckton, Grow Up Urban Farming combines two well-established farming practices – aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in a nutrient solution without soil) in a recirculating system. Their 6,000 square feet of growing space produces more than 20,000 kg of sustainable salads and herbs (enough for 200,000 salad bags) and 4,000 kg of fish each year.

Creating a better world:

Here at Inventshift we actively encourage and promote social innovation, which is why we’ve created the Inventshift Fund. The Inventshift Fund allows users who buy social to add into the fund, and then innovators looking for funding can request access to the pot of money. It’s a sustainable financial cycle based on doing and sharing social good missions.

Find out more about the Inventshift Fund.

Article by:

Kerry Needs
on March 19, 2017

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