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#SocEnt Spotlight: Tilt Magazine

#SocEnt Spotlight: Tilt Magazine

Article · By Iranthi Gomes on April 3, 2017


We spoke to Jackie Colmar, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tilt Magazine from Melbourne, to find out how she is shaking up the social change.


So, tell us more about Tilt Magazine and how you got started.

Tilt is a free digital magazine for impact entrepreneurs and social innovators who are shaking up the social change.

Tilt was a long kind of love project that we started almost two years ago, so it’s been a long time in the running and it was originally created because we noticed that there was a gap in resources online for social entrepreneurs who wanted to create a change but didn’t know the best ways to go about doing it. And also, wanted to create change but needed access to resources and support networks they couldn’t necessarily find. So, we decided to create a magazine that provided inspiring stories and access to people in the space and actual content that would support them on their journey as they created change.

What impact are you creating with Tilt Magazine?

The impact that Tilt is creating is that it is a support network and a resource for people who want to create a change. It’s like bringing them together with like-minded individuals and providing the tools and actual content that they need to do what they do best. So basically, it’s the platform for which social entrepreneurs and impact entrepreneurs can take their business and just scale their impact and create more change.

That sounds amazing! Could you give a few examples on what kind of resources you provide through Tilt?

Through Tilt Magazine, we provide inspiring stories from change makers around the world, so we go through their journey on what inspired them to create change in the beginning. What was that kind of catalyst that drove them to do what they do now. Because with social entrepreneurs you usually see that it is very personal for them.

What are the challenges you face in Australia as a social entrepreneur?

I came here to Australia about three years ago and one of the challenges that I noticed in the space is that it is still quite fragmented and that’s something I continue to experience today. It’s really hard to kind of find where the social entrepreneurs are, where they are hiding as they are usually pretty focused on drilling down into their work, and a lot of social entrepreneurs don’t even know that they are actually social entrepreneurs. The fact that this space is still quite in an early stage is a bit of a challenge and that is something I am currently facing right now.

What plans do you have for Tilt?

We have so many exciting plans for the next year! Our biggest one is we want to grow into a media company. As I mentioned before there is a gap in mainstream media in terms of talking about business that actually aligns with their values. Currently the focus is usually around how can I grow big as possible and how can I make the most amount of money that I would make, and we want to start changing that conversation. Over the next few years we want to expand to a media company and provide that content and bring in more people into the space.

How can people get involved and be a part of what you are doing?

You can find Tilt Magazine on and across different social media. Our social media handles are Facebook Twitter Instagram

We are currently looking for people to write pieces for the magazine, to share their stories and to help us with advertising. Also, to just share the magazine with people who might be interested as well.

Sounds awesome, thanks for sitting down with us to share your story Jackie!

Read more about Tilt Magazine at

Article by:

Iranthi Gomes
on April 3, 2017

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