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Planning a party? Memorable ideas your guests won't forget

Planning a party? Memorable ideas your guests won't forget

Article · By Kerry Needs on July 27, 2017



When planning a party, you of course want it to be memorable. You want the right caterers, the right music, and the right ambience. Here's some great ideas for a fun party that everyone will be talking about:

Arabian Nights:


An arabian nights theme can give an exotic feel to your party. For food, think lamb koftas, falafels, greek yoghurt, fresh mint tea and spicy chickpea samosas. For ambience and lighting, think coloured drapes, moroccan lamps, and sandalwood incense burning. For entertainment, think belly dancers. If you want to, you can go to the full extreme with the costume and outfit ideas too. Use exotic fabrics, saris and loungewear to create that fabulous, colourful, Bollywood-esque vibe.


Flower power:


Head back to the 60’s with a hippy flower-power inspired theme. For food, think butterfly fairy cakes, battenburg cake, and SPAM sandwiches. Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin can be your music of choice, creating an ambience that will take your guest back to the past. You can decorate your party atmosphere with a disco light, scatter cushions on the floor, and let your guests relax, like it’s the swinging sixties. You can even buy some psychedelic print trousers, a tie-dye top or some fun wigs to add to the creativity and fun of the night.


Album covers:

album cover.JPG

Ever fancied yourself as the next Beyonce or Bono? With your own album covers party, fancy dress can be the central theme as you and your friends create a historic event that is bound to be talked about for weeks and even years to come.

Decorate your space with inflatable guitars, microphones and album cover print out, allowing people to guess who’s who. If you’re thinking of catering, why not get some food relating to your popstar’s home country? That way you’ll get a selection of flavours from all around the world. Games could include ‘Name that tune’ and ‘Pin the microphone on the popstar’. Lots of fun can be had at your album covers party!


Underwater theme:


You might be playing ‘Under the Sea’ at your underwater themed party. An underwater theme can allow your guests to experience what it might be like at the bottom of the ocean. Musicians could include all the songs relating to the sea (or even whale music!), and your party space can be decorated in a variety of greens and blues. Your costumes could include mermaids, pirates, deep sea divers and ocean life! For the food, crab sticks and fish cakes could go down well. Coordinate with your colour scheme by ordering green and blue slush puppies for people to drink.

Space invaders:


To make a fantastic party that’s out of this world, why not go cosmic? A space party could really be the answer to creating a memorable event. You could dress up as aliens, be someone out of Star Trek or go as the ultimate Princess Leia. Hire a projector and create some cosmic universe images on your walls, as if you were all partying in space. Create a silver-themed menu for your catering, making sure your food is as wacky and other-worldly as possible.

A great party theme can make all the difference. Guests will mingle more easily, have more fun, take more photos, and generally engage far more at the event. Fancy dress can be a great icebreaker, too, to allow people to strike up a conversation.


Have you had a great party experience? Tell us all in the comments!


Article by:

Kerry Needs
on July 27, 2017

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