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New social enterprise uses VR for social good

New social enterprise uses VR for social good

Article · By Kerry Needs on June 28, 2017


‘Virtual Village’ is a virtual reality (VR) application that is using its potential for social good. A new social enterprise, they describe it as ‘donating in a fully immersive experience.’

Users of the new website will be able to experience the current situation of villagers in an African village and improve their standard of living by virtually constructing wells, schools, and hospitals, and by providing educational and medical services. It’s like a real life ‘SIMS’, with all the money going to help real people in Africa.

In order to raise money for the development of the virtual environments, which are based on 360-degree video content, Virtual Village will charge users a fee that decreases over time as the number of donors increases.  

The product is free to use. You can also make bigger investments, like buy an ultrasound machine or an EEG.

It’s collaborative, too, as users can invite their friends to help on projects and make improvements in the African community.

The site will also be available as a mobile app, available on Android and iOS, for those who haven’t yet got access to VR headsets.

Virtual Village say about the ‘At Virtual Village we believe that donations should be transparent, sustainable and rewarding. Therefore, we offer our users many different options how to improve the life of beneficiaries and empower donors to make an active decision about where their donated money goes.’

In addition to the African village, Virtual Village is planning to launch locations representing other regions in the world including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and South America.

We think it’s a great way to use modern technology like VR for social good.

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Article by:

Kerry Needs
on June 28, 2017

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