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Lowest commission donor management software comparison

Lowest commission donor management software comparison

Article · By Jarkko Oksanen on February 8, 2019

At Inventshift we believe that donation software should help non-profits and charities manage their donations, but unfortunately what many businesses do is create high sales out of small non-profits. In this blog post we explore three very low cost solutions and how their costs.

1. Donorbox

Donorbox is a great solution for small non-profits you want to manage donations online. Donorbox gives you a nice simple widget that you can place anywhere.

Pricing: 1.5% commission + Platform fees

2. Serviceform Donor Management

Serviceform is a great tool for building all types of donation forms and campaigns. It uses Stripe to handle your recurring donations and Stripe gives you great monthly details of updates and changes of your customers.

Serviceform also allows you to create emails, send your donor details to mailchimp and a lot of other services.

Pricing: 59$ per month - No commissions

3. Qgiv

Qgiv gives you a donation widget, but also a lot of other features like peer to peer giving and handheld kiosks for on-site fundraising.

Overall a great tool for non-profit needs. Costs of usage are relatively high.

Pricing: 3.95% commission + 0.3$

We found that all three are great solutions.

Donorbox is great for smaller charities raising 1000€ or less per month, Serviceform is the cheapest among the three if you are fundraising for more than 1000€ per month, and Qgiv gives you the most features.

Article by:

Jarkko Oksanen
on February 8, 2019

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