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Inventshift team expands following accelerator programme

Inventshift team expands following accelerator programme

Article · By Kerry Needs on June 27, 2017


So we have some great news from Inventshift HQ - we got accepted into an accelerator programme!


Kiuas will be helping us from early July to early September. We will be getting access to workshops, coaching, financial support, and their fabulous coworking spaces. We’re very grateful, and can’t wait to start!

We beat off stiff competition to get the accelerator program, and were one of only nine selected. At the end of the programme, there will be a demo day. This will be our chance to pitch to investors and to a big crowd of hundreds of people. 


Very exciting times! In addition to this, the Inventshift team is growing rapidly. A team of global volunteers will be part of Inventshift this summer to learn every aspect of running a startup and gain experience.

Most of these individuals are people wanting to start their own business, and some are with us on an internship from university

Some of our volunteers who will be working remotely, but also physically with us from our coworking space in Finland.

There is a volunteer from Japan and US, and a few from other cities in Finland. They’re very excited to experience a startup and find out more about how we work at Inventshift. Here’s a bit about them…


Nhu is from Vietnam, and has been in Finland for nearly two years. She is studying International Business and majoring in Supply Chain Management. Nhu’s interests are travelling, and learning new languages. She loves to see the world in different perspectives, make friends with other international citizens and experience new challenges. Nhu is excited about the work at Inventshift and being a part of a global multinational company.


Aoi is a Social media intern for Inventshift. She is in charge of Instagram visual marketing as a member of the summer team 2017. Since her younger sister was born when she was 20, her motivation has always been toward creating a better sustainable world for the generation to come. She grew up in Japan and now she’s completing her bachelor degree in Business Administration.

While her background is in business with a specialty in Marketing, she chose to study social enterprise in Finland two years ago, a country that promotes sustainable social systems, policies, business, and cultures. After spending one year in Finland doing business projects at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, she has now returned to Japan. Her career ambition is utilizing her experience and familiarity with marketing planning in social enterprise/CSV, which is the fundamental reason to have joined the team.

By working remotely with the team, she recently created some of Inventshift’s Instagram posts, you can check them out on our Instagram.


Thien is a Strategy degree student from Aalto University, who happens to be fascinated with the business model like Inventshift. However, it is not until meeting Iranthi and Jarrko that he realized the other important face of Inventshift as a Social Enterprise and how they are enthusiastic about that. This summer Thien is looking for a journey of progression together with Inventshift and the international team gathered from three different continents. And a lot of table tennis too. Especially that.

Fun Fact: Thien sometime tries to introduce himself as “Leo”, as he is insecure about people cannot pronounce his name or even forget it.


Laureline is from Belgium, and has recently graduated from Aalto University in the fields of arts. Before graduating as an artist, she has studied photography and videography.

When she read the offer about internships at Inventshift, she realized it is exactly what she needed. She then decided to join Inventshift’s summer team, because it gave her a great opportunity to get more experience in creating content and copywriting, which is something she has been interested in and would like to do in the future. Other than that she is a multi-instrumentalist and loves music (specifically rock & metal), which is also why she has decided to start a music magazine with a friend. Her ultimate dream would be to become a tour photographer and collaborate with bands on a much more personal level.


Anthony recently graduated from Davenport University with a Bachelor's of Business Administration majoring in International Business and Management. Anthony has been playing rugby since he was 12 years old and he's always eager to get back on the pitch. Inventshift gave Anthony the chance to be a part of a company that is making a positive impact on the world, and he couldn't pass up on a chance like that. His future plans involve using the knowledge he has gained through his tenure at Davenport, as well as his professional experience, to one day take on a leadership role at an innovative company.

Anthony, while he is half Finnish, and half American, can speak Finnish, and has a dual citizenship in the United States and Finland, he was actually born in Germany.


Among our new team members this summer, Linh is a social one and always full of jokes. Don’t be fooled by her presentation of self during such social hours though, when it comes to work and research she is one to look out for, seriously, no joke. With a Media and Social Sciences background, Linh is interested in everything concerned with communications, grassroots social movements and various gender agendas. She comes to Inventshift for the social side of the enterprise, but also takes great interest in being part of a diverse team of young people and its fast paced start-up culture. She is happy to have a conversation about just anything over a good cup of black coffee, which is very much preferably, fair trade.


Johanna is a 26-year-old graphic designer from Oulu, Finland. She studied Fine Arts at the Liminka Art School and Lapland UAS. She has also completed a Vocational Qualification in IT. It was a long road for her to find the world of graphic design and marketing.

Johanna grew up in countryside wandering in forests and fields, and watching her grandmother painting porcelains and canvases. Instead of listening to Spice Girls, she played her parents’ old Abba c-tapes and vinyls (loud). Inspired by Gimme Gimme Gimme’s catching synth riff, she started piano lessons at the age of seven, but soon realized that fine arts were ‘her thing’.  After school she used to go to art clubs. At first she thought she would become a photographer. But while studying in Tornio her opinions changed. Because of her shy nature shooting portraits wasn’t comfortable for her; but she was able to use her creativity in designing brochures and ads as well.

Photography is still a dear hobby for Johanna. In her spare time she also does jogging and cycling, and during winter she likes to do cross-country skiing. But the best relaxing methods for her is to pet her cat and listen to music. Johanna’s future dream is to travel more and explore new cultures.

Johanna’s expectations of this summer internship are that she can get develop her existing skills and learn something about social media marketing and SEO.


Polina is Inventshift’s Social Media intern. She is finishing her Master's in Theology and Piecebuilding in Helsinki University. She has worked for a few startups previously, as well as in the humanitarian aid sector. Inventshift is a combination of both sectors, and this was one of the reasons for her to apply.

Next spring she plans to graduate, hopefully learn JavaScript and dive into working life in full swing!


Article by:

Kerry Needs
on June 27, 2017

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