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Improving literacy in rural Bangladesh - Red International

Improving literacy in rural Bangladesh - Red International

Article · By Kerry Needs on May 8, 2017


‘The adult literacy rate is about 50% in Bangladesh. Many children do not even start school and for those that do, 50% drop out by class 5’

In rural Bangladesh, poverty is rife. RED International works with some of the poorest people by breaking the bonds of illiteracy and barriers to education.

Without the rights to a basic education, children and adults futures are bleak. They lack the basic skills needed to communicate, which can further push them to the brink of social isolation.

As many families are critically poor, there is often pressure on the children to make money as soon as possible.

RED International works with HRDP (Human Resource Development Project) in rural Bangladesh to improve literacy and education. School availability is often limited and adults are often illiterate themselves.

They help in two areas; working with adults to enable them to read and write, and with children who never entered school and are far behind their class of similar age.

In three districts HRDP run five adult literacy classes each, 10 for women and 3 for men. This year they will run 29 single class primary schools. The single class primary schools run for just three years after which these children, having gained a good foundation and caught up with where they should be, will be able to rejoin the government system.

For both the adult literacy and schools, HRDP train the teachers in interactive teaching techniques and the use of a modern curriculum that also introduces many important social issues.

The outcomes of these and their potential impact is enormous. Not only do adults learn about social issues and human rights, but they also gain self-respect. The children, who were previously excluded, gain a valuable education that will brighten their future.


Total amount needed: £1,540 to set up a primary school for 30 children

£900 to set up and run adult literacy class for a year, helping 25-30 adults

Here at Inventshift, we’re passionate about education - and want to help the Bangladeshi people as much as we can. Our impact funding pot, The Inventshift Fund is supporting this cause - but we need your help.

To join us and support their education you can contribute in several ways:

  • Buy something from our online marketplace (5% of all sales go directly to the Inventshift Fund)

  • Sell your services on our marketplace (5% of your revenue goes directly to the fund)

  • Contribute directly by giving a donation of your choice to the fund (any amount of donation is greatly appreciated)


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Article by:

Kerry Needs
on May 8, 2017

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