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How can I find a job working for a social enterprise?

How can I find a job working for a social enterprise?

Article · By Kerry Needs on January 13, 2017


Social enterprises are fast becoming the new way the world does business. Being a business that is socially and ethically responsible is appealing to a lot of people, and many people now want to develop a career with purpose, as well as profit.

There are many people nowadays that feel that they want to make a contribution to the world, as well as earning money.

Making money and making a difference can go hand in hand, it’s just where you look for it. If you’re looking for a job within a social enterprise, there’s a few places to start your search.

The first port of call is to do your research locally. There may be local social enterprises in your area that you can speak to and find out more about. If you get some experience working for a social enterprise, you’re likely to have more chance of securing a job with more enterprises in the future.

Another place you can try is The Guardian Social Enterprise job network. This lists a variety of jobs worldwide relating to social enterprise, and you can apply through the site with a Guardian account.

One of the UK’s largest sites is Social Enterprise, who have a whole section on their website dedicated to ethical jobs. It’s one of their most popular pages on their website.

The social networking site for career development, Linkedin is not to be overlooked. Check out their list of social networking jobs. You can search by keyword and country to narrow down your options.

Idealist careers have compiled a list of 21 social enterprises who are expanding and looking for people to join them. They also have over 100 other job opportunities on their site. is also a great place to find social enterprises looking for employees. The jobs are posted by social entrepreneurs and other business startups who are interested in finding motivated and enthusiastic people to work with.

On Purpose recognises that there’s a growing need for us to feel more connected in our work and job role, and offers an Associate Programme to help you towards your chosen career, as well as a list of several job opportunities. They say ‘We believe there is a better way of doing business that can help solve many of society’s most endemic problems. We find and work with the best professionals at an early point in their career to grow the next generation of social enterprise leaders who will harness the power of business for good.’


Finally, why not make a list of the social enterprises you admire, and send a speculative application expressing your interest? Here’s some of the most well known social enterprises.


Article by:

Kerry Needs
on January 13, 2017

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