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How can I affect the market by consuming differently?

How can I affect the market by consuming differently?

Article · By Iranthi Gomes on November 24, 2016

Does it really make any difference if I eat differently, or consume differently?

In some things yes, in some things no.

Everything matters in the macro level, but it is almost impossible for us to change the behaviour of millions of people to for example shower for 5 minutes less per day without excessive government and policing involved. I am not saying to shower excessively, just that changing ones behaviour does not help. Changing hundred other people might.

But some things matter even in the micro. Let’s think about the coffee you purchase every day.

A social enterprise café near you is donating all of its profits at the end of each year to a charity. They are run by volunteers, but must cover all their costs. Generally, a café must sell at least 150 cups of coffee per day to keep its doors open.

If you contribute to the sales of your local social enterprise café instead of buying from the place next to it, this will make a huge difference. If you drink 1 cup per day in this social enterprise café, you are donating approximately 500$ to this charity over the year.

For a lot of us that would be the largest donation we make in the year. When was the last time you donated more than $500?

And in this example you are still consuming the same coffee.

Article by:

Iranthi Gomes
on November 24, 2016

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