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Helping women in Kenya survive childbirth - Friends of Burburi

Helping women in Kenya survive childbirth - Friends of Burburi

Article · By Kerry Needs on May 8, 2017



“Many poor women in rural Kenya do not have access to a midwife during pregnancy and birth, consequently the maternal death rate is a shocking 510 per 100,000 births, in the UK it is 9 per 100,000 (UNICEF 2015).”

Friends of Burburi were set up by four nurses from the UK -  Jo, Sallie, Noreen and Jackie. They started doing work in Africa, and realised there was a huge need for a variety of healthcare support.One of their main projects is their maternity service. So many women in Burburi, a rural town in Kenya, give birth at home and in less than sanitary conditions.

burburi.JPGIn 2014 they set up a new maternity unit, but it has to be open 24 hours a day, as most babies are born at night.

Every mother that dies leaves a family without its principal carer. Children without a mother are more likely to suffer from malnutrition, abuse and have low academic attainment.

Friends of Burburi’s aim is for mothers all over the world to give birth to a healthy baby. They aim to reduce the inequality that still exists in rural areas, saying  Our aim is to reduce the inequality in care that still exists in rural areas. Enabling women to give birth safely with a qualified midwife in attendance will reduce preventable deaths. Friends of Buburi already provide subsidised health care to this community and are trusted and respected. Their motto is ‘where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live’

Their aim for this project is to build a house onsite to house a nurse/midwife and or a clinical officer. Once they complete this building then they get support from the Ministry of Health. This means that they will supply the clinic with a paid member of staff. At the moment, Friends of Burburi gets no financial support from the Kenyan Government.


Total amount needed: £7078 for the medical house and £500 per month - for a midwife and for a HIV counsellor

Here at Inventshift, we’re passionate about healthcare and family planning - and want to help these women as much as we can. Our impact funding pot, The Inventshift Fund is supporting this cause - but we need your help.

To join us and support these mothers you can contribute in several ways:

  • Buy something from our online marketplace (5% of all sales go directly to the Inventshift Fund)

  • Sell your services on our marketplace (5% of your revenue goes directly to the fund)

  • Contribute directly by giving a donation of your choice to the fund (any amount of donation is greatly appreciated)

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Article by:

Kerry Needs
on May 8, 2017

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