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Finding a not for profit that really does good

Finding a not for profit that really does good

Article · By Iranthi Gomes on November 24, 2016

Wishing to donate money to a charity, but having your doubts about where that money goes and what is done with it?

This is a very common problem that is proving hard to solve. I have looked into dozens and dozens of not-for-profits and their business structures. Some of them are small which are doing great things for people locally and globally, and the money goes directly to where it is ‘supposed to be’ going. But these non-profits often have no long-term plan, or they are not scaleable.

And then there is the other end, the Red Crosses of the world that are consisting of millions of volunteers and can do amazing things. In these non-profits, tracking and transparency is almost impossible. Your money is very likely to go at least 30% into their fundraising partners and 20% into their overheads.

All of this would be fine, but in the marketing of these businesses, it is often implied that all of your donation goes to a great cause.

We have looked and vetted a large number of charities that are indeed doing good things in the world, and are not using a huge number of that money into overheads. We are not affiliated with any of these charities.

One way to donate would be to change your habits of consuming, and buy from social businesses around you. You will still be buying the same coffee, the same clothes and the same food, but the businesses use the profit in a different way.

Article by:

Iranthi Gomes
on November 24, 2016

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