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Are you being healthy as a social entrepreneur?

Are you being healthy as a social entrepreneur?

Article · By Kerry Needs on July 4, 2017


If you’re busy running your own social enterprise, you’ll know that managing a business isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re passionate, right?


Your passion takes over and you throw all your energy into your business.

But it’s important to make sure you’re taking time for yourself too, and ensuring you avoid burnout.

If you’re sick, your business suffers. Whether you’re physically unwell or just lack mental focus or motivation, being healthy as a social entrepreneur has to be just as important as scaling those grand heights of success, and changing the world.

Here’s a few suggestions to keep you healthy, wealthy and wise in your social entrepreneurial journey:

Know how you work: Firstly, it’s important to know yourself and how you work best. Are you best in the mornings, or are you a night owl? Figuring out your peak productivity hours will help you prioritise. Also, what stresses you out? Is it doing your accounts or filling in your Facebook ads? The more you know yourself, the more you can delegate tasks you don’t have the energy for, or simply don’t enjoy.

Taking time to reflect and brainstorm: This is a really important one. Sometimes we get so lost in the ‘details’ of our business, it’s difficult to take a breather, and step back and see the whole picture. Michael Gerber in the E Myth talks about the difference between working ‘in’ your business, or working ‘on’ it. Take ‘creativity breaks’ regularly, if you can. This will give your mind a break from your business, and help you come up with solutions to challenges as you see the big picture.

Eating healthily: Sounds like a no-brainer, but when you put your business first your healthy eating habits can go out of the window, as you spend all your energy working on growing your enterprise. However, you still need fuel to succeed, and whether it’s a good hearty breakfast or a protein filled lunch, make sure you’re getting some much needed brain-food.

Making time for social occasions and fun: Although you’re totally serious about your plans and business goals, that doesn’t mean you can’t find time to be silly! Having a good social life means you’ll be letting off steam, and not talking about work all the time. You can find hobbies that engage different aspects of your personality, and help you embrace the fun side of life. Although making a difference is important, so is having fun!

Getting adequate sleep: Caffeine can be a godsend, but it’s probably not wise to rely on it as your only source of business rocket-fuel. Sleeping well can give you the strength and energy to tackle the day. Having a restful sleep is all about how you wind down, too. If you’re reading business emails on your phone last thing at night, this may impact your quality of sleep. Have a ‘wind down’ ritual for yourself, which may include things like a bath, scented candles, and your favourite book.

All of these health factors ultimately impact your business and bottom line. Have you got any additional tips for protecting your wellbeing? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.





Article by:

Kerry Needs
on July 4, 2017

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