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7 unique coffee carts you should know about in Melbourne

7 unique coffee carts you should know about in Melbourne

Article · By Linh Le on July 27, 2017

Either you are looking to hold a corporate event or just after something unique to spice up your back garden BBQ, these 7 coffee carts excel at what they do and sure will satisfy your event needs. While some have managed to grow internationally, all have roots here in Melbourne and serve awesome specialty brews on their compact carts.

Support your local businesses and have an awe-inspiring event with one (or more) of these guys!

1. Wheelys Melbourne

Wheelys is a cafe cart on wheels; well tricycle wheels!Launched in 2014, it has now grown globally and is present in over 70 countries with a major market share in Australia.

Wonder why it is so successful? The short answer is premium, organic and fair-trade-certified. It offersHonduran beans-to-cups coffee that is carefully crafted with love. What’s more, it’s environmentally friendly and can be ran complete on man-power (or if you often skip legs day then they are also equipped with an electric motor), double thumb-ups for you Wheelys!


2. Miss Molly’s Cakes

Serious coffee drinkers may dispute this one point, but it is not just about the coffee, but also about what you have with it. As the name suggests, Miss Molly’s Cakes serves not only high quality coffee but also wonderful, mouth-watering handcrafted cupcakes and cakes. I mean, look at these:


Coffee is nice, but it is seriously nicer when you can have it with something this aesthetically pleasing. And all these cute little nibbles and your caffeine fix come in a neat nifty mobile cart to wherever your heart’s (and event participants) desire – don’t wait any longer, check them out now!  


3. 92 Degree Espresso

An old player in the Melbourne coffee scene, 92 Degree Espresso has been serving coffee for a long long time. Their brews are from ethically sourced coffee beans and they are determined to keep it that way.

Being long  established in the industry also means that 92 Degrees has all the local business contacts to help catering to your event, from cakes to fun side activities – you name it, they have it. What’s not to love?

4. Bean To Melbourne

This is the finest blend of coffee and environment passions, combined in a minimalistic style. Bean To Melbourne strives to stay friendly to the environment,( i.e. solar panels for tricycle carts), yetkeeps their carts super compact but fully functional for any location.


Holding the idea of high quality coffee close to their heart, Bean To Melbourne prides themselves in what they do, and so far have succeeded to open a permanent café called The Smith. But worry not, their carts are still up and running, ready for any event within the area.


5. Little Bang Espresso

Using small batch coffee roasters, Little Bang Espresso brings specialty coffee experience to their customers on stunning, handcrafted carts. Claiming that they have not only world-class but also ‘devilishly charming baristas’ publicly on their website, could this well be the perfect option for your bachelorette party?

Beauty is of course in the eyes of the beholder, so perhaps you just have to check them out yourself! Here is a sneak peak, but the decision is all up to you *wink*

6. The Coffee Cart Changing Life

Tapping on the notion of conscious consumerism, The Coffee Cart Changing Lives is a social enterprise with a mission of eliminating youth homelessness in Australia and they donate 100% of their profit to make that mission happen.

The Coffee Carts Changing Lives’s experienced baristas serve Melbourne-class coffee roasted by STREAT and premium hot chocolates at any location of your choice. Socially-minded hot drinks anyone?  


7. Coffee Caboose

Looking to sneak some ‘cheekiness’ into your event? Coffee Caboose’s speciality, freshly brew and shaken Espresso Martini is sure to keep your guests bubbly! I mean, who wouldn’twhen they have caffeine and alcohol in one glass?

They maintain their branding well and will also do the same for yours. Roaming around Melbourne since 2010 with their tropical, retro looking coffee carts that can be customised with handpainted signs for your event upon requests, Coffee Caboose is truly the one to seek out for.



Voted to be second in the world’s best coffee cities, Melbourne coffee scene is more vibrant than ever. This list is just to give you an idea of how fast and ethical the coffee carts are evolving in the city but it is surely not exhaustive. If you have other recommendations, enlighten us through the comment below! But by any means, check these amazing carts out!  

Article by:

Linh Le
on July 27, 2017

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