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Miss Molly's Cakes

Miss Molly's Cakes is a unique Coffee and Cupcake Cart that will help make your event one to remember! We offer a range of hot drinks including our delicious blend of coffee, T2 Teas, Hot Chocolate and a range of Chai Latte's We also stock a range of cold organic drinks. And we specialise in our handcrafted cupcakes which are baked fresh on the day.

CAB55 Coffee Van

CAB55 Coffee Van is a fully independent business providing coffee to Melbournians from the back of a classic 1970 Citroen HY van. We like to support other like-minded independent businesses and therefore proudly serve Padre Specialty Coffee from Brunswick and use St David Dairy Milk from Fitzroy.

Franklin Coffee

Franklin is a navy blue 1969 vintage Regent caravan, lovingly renovated as a travelling pop up café and bar. More than just a mobile coffee and bar, Franklin can help make your event extraordinary. Forget the foam cups, burnt coffee and cheap wine. With Franklin you provide the alcohol and we provide the pop-up bar and passionate team.

Zarraffa's Coffee

Zarraffa’s Coffee was founded in 1996 by Kenton and Rachel Campbell. The company is proudly 100% Australian owned with its head office based on the Gold Coast.

Zarraffa’s (pronounced Za-raff-as) comes from the Arabic word ‘Zarafa‘ which means ‘Giraffe’ and the Masai Giraffe typically inhabits the savannahs of Kenya and Ethiopia, the origin of coffee.

The Mobile Coffee Group

What we do is very simple. We build Mobile Coffee Vans for Independent Operators throughout Australia.
- We’re NOT a Franchise!
- We can fit out ANY VAN YOU CHOOSE
- We DONT CHARGE any on going fees
- We have EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE in the industry, building the best vans in the country
- We CAN fit out 2nd hand vans!
- Our vans COMPLY with all food and health regulations
- We offer the LOWEST priced vans in the country!
Custom Coffee Vans can provide Mobile Coffee Solutions for Large Global Companies to Smaller independent businesses.

Coffee Street

Coffeestreet uses a fleet of state-of-the-art mobile cafés. These portable venues are completely self contained and require no power or water to operate. After participating in a vast array of major events, we have perfected the art of great coffee. Customers' expectations are always exceeded both in taste and pocket. We would love to work with you whether you are planning a once off function or a recurring event. Hiring our carts and friendly baristas always leads to customer satisfaction wherever and whatever the event requires.

Violet Cafe

We have coffee carts and coffee trailer to suit your event. We will come to you with experienced barista to serve quality cups of coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte and tea for your guests at your event. We cater for events such as corporate function, trade show, conference, exhibition, convention, brand activation, birthday or wedding.

SilverPod Coffee

Our aim is to produce a coffee that you will enjoy, and come back again & again.

We have sourced a blend that we feel meets our commitment to you.
The Coffee is Special Reserve 100% Arabica Beans roasted in the UK, the beans are roasted in drum roasters to gradually develop their unique and optimum flavour.

An espresso coffee blend should produce a great cup of coffee. It should have some body, not bitter but strong.
It should possess sweetness and have a lasting crema on top.

The Pickled Pony

The Pickled Pony was created out of our love of all things quirky, thinking outside the “horse” box and our love of a good tipple. Providing friendly professional service, unique bespoke drinks along with some favorite classics with a Pickled Pony twist!

We canter for Private functions, Weddings, Markets or corporate events, The Pickled Pony will add something special and unique to any occasion.

Love 2 Waffle

Our coffee beans are roasted here in Scotland in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor.
Our delicious Liege waffles use special pearlised sugar that is imported from Belgium for an authentic unique taste, not like you normal waffle a Liege waffle is made from a dough and caramelized.
Combine all this with fresh seasonal toppings and a menu that is always changing and evolving and you know you will want to find us time and time again.