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Public Event

Something Brewed

We offer a range of exciting services to accentuate your special day with a host of different coffees, teas & homemade soft drinks. Always prepared to order to the highest quality & made by passionate skilled Baristas. We have over 25 years combined excellent customer service experience & know what it takes to impress your guests. We offer catering from small & intimate weddings to larger, themed events & even corporate catering.

Mini Bean Coffee

Speciality coffee is where it all started and we continue to push ourselves in delivering exceptional coffee time after time. We haven't forgotten the other elements of our menu, sourcing wonderful tea, velvety hot chocolate and some amazing limited edition drinks. Our current favourite is Drinking Fudge!

Wheelys Melbourne

Test summaWheelys Melbourne is a premium Fairtrade & Organic mobile cafe and events operator with multiple units operating across Victoria. Wheelys is a unique concept that compacts an entire cafe onto a bicycle making it extremely mobile. Our coffee is grown at over 4,000 feet in the mountains of Western Honduras and consist of a delicate medium roast with hints of chocolate, nuts, caramel, apricot & spice. Our coffee is Fairtrade certified by the Fairtrade Association (FTA) Australia.