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Dreux & Ghisallo

Dreux & Ghisallo is a espresso tricycle and pop up cafe that serves boutique roasted speciality coffee roasted by Monk Bodhi Dharma and the freshest teas from Gurwuzhaus. We strive to bring coffee excellence to your customers, clients and patrons and pride ourselves on our friendly service.

Bean To Melbourne

BeanTo is a one of a kind mobile coffee tricycle and coffee cart business. With a passionate environmental awareness and a keen eye for quality design, we strive to enhance public space wherever we set up for trade. Above all, we seek to craft delicious espresso to the standard that our city has come to expect. Our beans are roasted by Coffee Supreme in Abbotsford.

The Coffee Wagon

The Coffee Wagon is a mobile coffee shop and pop up café catering to commuters and corporate events in various locations around the UK.

Whether indoors or outdoors, we can provide an on-the spot catering service to accommodate your space and requirements. Our excellent espresso machinery means we are able to deliver a full-flavoured coffee experience whilst having the flexibilty of being mobile.

Wheelys Melbourne

Test summaWheelys Melbourne is a premium Fairtrade & Organic mobile cafe and events operator with multiple units operating across Victoria. Wheelys is a unique concept that compacts an entire cafe onto a bicycle making it extremely mobile. Our coffee is grown at over 4,000 feet in the mountains of Western Honduras and consist of a delicate medium roast with hints of chocolate, nuts, caramel, apricot & spice. Our coffee is Fairtrade certified by the Fairtrade Association (FTA) Australia.