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Around the world people are starting to care about services and products being social. Join us now to highlight that and take advantage of this exponentially expanding market.

Join a marketplace with impact where thousands of buyers
around the world shop for great services
5% of every booking is used for impact.

Where is the 5% going?

Affordable, transparent and secure

Monthly packages have profit guarantee

Our pricing is based on a simple model. From every booking 5% goes towards impact. Everything else is based on the package you choose. We have a monthly billed version with low commission and higher commission and free monthly.

With out monthly services we guarantee you will not get billed for another month if you dont get bookings through our service. We also provide a full refund if you're not getting bookings.

Transparency is in the core of what we do. For any questions about this, turn onto our support team.

We process payments with Direct Checkout, our secure SSL-encrypted payments platform and have security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

Simple, powerful tools

Spend less time managing, more time making profit

Our system is built for the supplier. You can chat with your customers, scroll through your orders and manage your notifications with ease.

Weekly and monthly reports will ensure that you know what trends are happening in your sales through our platform.

Be a part of creating real impact

5% of every booking goes towards impact

As people, and business owners, most of us want to create positive impact. Inventshift makes this very easy for you.

We have embeddable payment solutions for your website where you can show how much has gone through your bookings.

Our charity partners and we create together impact newsletters that will be sent to our supplier. You can opt out of course.

Best of all, its you creating this impact. We are just enabling you. Thank you.

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Join us now to highlight that and take advantage of this new exponentially expanding market.

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