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Join us to build the dream

A Global Community of Businesses Creating Positive Impact

Currently with 1100 businesses in 20 cities around the world we have only started out in 2017. Our goal is by 2022 to be active in all countries around the world. Any business with services to sell can join, and start creating impact while finding new customers every day.

We want to build an environment where any small, mid or large business can be profitable, and share their profits for a common goal.

Help us with this dream by ordering services through our platform, joining as a business, writing about us (we love content sharing) or any creative way.

Our mission

We want to create lasting impact.

We are deeply committed into using a part of our profits to creating impact.

We have embeddable payment solutions for your website where you can show how much has gone through your bookings.

Our charity partners and we create together impact newsletters that will be sent to our supplier. You can opt out of course.

Best of all, its you creating this impact. We are just enabling you. Thank you.

Helping business for impact

We create articles and videos about social enterprise

We believe information is the key. Therfore we've focused heavily on creating high quality content around social entrepreneurship and business to help people around the world succeed.

We are building the largest directory of social enterprises in the world to raise awaraness.

Contact and Press

We are open to interviews, questions and collaboration on all channels.

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